Daily JOURNAL Writing

Your Journal is a place to think about and write about the following two things:

1. Self Assessment > Think about what you can do (in English) and how well you can do it. What is challenging ?
2. Learning Reflection > Think about your way of learning and what helps you learn. What might help you learn better ?

A: Include the answers to the questions:
1. How did I practice my Listening / Speaking / Reading / Writing English skills "on the street" this past week ?
2. How did I use what I learned in class in this English practice ? Give details.
3. How did I feel about that English practice experience ? Did it go well ? Where can you improve ?

Check back on your journal writing often. Take note of the corrections. Read your corrected writing out loud to absorb the 'corrections'.

Editing notation:

< -- > take away this word
( -- ) add this word
[SP] check your spelling

You can see some journal samples below of some of my students.
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- Kinetic 4/16

- SAMPLE Journal -

Hi Classmates,
I would like to share my first new year eve in Canada far from my back home, how we all family celebrated new year this time. There was no preplanned programme of how to celebrate?. My wife was at heron December 31st. My children were at home, they were very sad and missing their friends. In my back home we celebrated new year in a big way with many friends and relatives.

I was thinking what is to be arranged? I called 2-3 friends but they had their own program with their own relatives.
I picked my wife at around 3.30 pm from her. We came home, had lunch and suddenly decided to go to Niagara Falls to celebrate new year. After listening to this , they were so much excited and happy. My son started arranging his camera. My wife was packing some items, which were needed.

We started at 5.00 pm in the evening from Mississauga and reached Niagara Falls at around 6.15 pm. We booked, kept all our luggage in, parked our car and came out from. It was too cold but we were enjoying. My son was continuously taking pictures.

We went to the falls , on the US-Canada bridge, it was a fantastic view from the bridge , we took lots of pictures, than came to the market, had dinner in Burger Kings, Tim Horton`s as per different choices.

Around 11.30 pm, we again reached near the falls, where thousands of people, couples , youngsters were enjoying. They were drinking, eating shouting. Slowly time was coming, finally count down started 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.... " Happy New year"" lots of colored fireworks started from both sides, US-Canada, really it was an amazing scene, people were hugging kissing with their close ones. We also wished so many people.

We came back to, I called my friends and relatives in Canada and my back home and wished them. Next day after breakfast we came back to our home.

Supreme, January 22, 2013

Brilliant ! You're the best Supreme ! Take things into your own hands and make your own party ! You found where everyone was ! It sounds like an amazing time. I heard that the fireworks are very good too. Winter time is a very special time to go to Niagara Falls.
- Carefree 130206