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Assignment #1 - Dear Abby

In newspapers around the world, many people write and ask for advice for problems they have.

1. Write a letter to DEAR ABBY (or person of your choice)

2. Answer a DEAR ABBY letter below with advice of your own.

Assignment #2 - Non Violent Communication

Observation without judgement > When I see you eat a whole bag of cookies ...
Feelings > I feel upset and frustrated ...
Needs > Because my need for community, for us to consider each other and share is not being met
Request > Would you consider putting the cookies on a plate and asking everyone if they would like a few so that everyone can have a chance to have some next time ?

Assignment #3 - Hear any good jokes or riddles today ?

A couple is lying in bed. The man says, "I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world" The woman says, "I'll miss you."
Amazing2, 20 May 2011
Good one Amazing ! teehee - Keen 25 May 2011

Add your writing below this double line.

- Kamikaze 04-18-14


Some 30 hilarious and inspiring parenting quotes to brighten your day.

Do you have any words of wisdom to add ?

Kamikaze 18-04-14

(W)when I see the tree break in the middle of the street I feel confused because my need for safe(ty) (for all) the people (is not being met).

(W)would you (be) willing to remove it ?
(W)when I hear the news a bout(about) <a> good weather(,) I feel happy because my need for sun (every) day is met.
(W)would you (be) willing to make(take) (a) trip with (me) this nice day ?
(W)when I remember my graduate(-ion) from <the> university(,) I feel very exciting because my need for reminding(remembering) this day (is met).
(W)would you be willing to remember the(those) happy days (with me) ?

Genious [SP]
Date ?

Very good communicating, Genius. * Please learn how to spell your own adjective name correctly. Also don't use your real name on the wiki.
- Kamikaze 04-18-14

When I see a rainbow I feel happy because my need for beauty is met.
Would you be willing to see the rainbow (with me)?

When I hear <the> music I feel comfortable because my need for ease is met.
Would you be willing to listen to the music with me?

When I remember a friend(,) I feel miss(lonely) because my need for homesick(companionship) is (not being) met.
Would you be willing to meet soon?

March 18, 2014, Young

Sounds like good non-violent communication. - Kamikaze 04-18-14

November 15 2012

Dear Abby
I want to work as a seasonal sales assistant at Square One Shopping mall, but I don’t have any work experience in sales field. Also my English speaking skill is not as good as other candidates. How can I [[#|get a job]] there in a short period of time? What should I do?

Hilarious in Mississauga

Hi Hilarious
If u want to get gob in square one so go there and give so much resume. And don’t worry about this. If you’re English is not so much good so try to speak it in open air. And show that u can improve yourself within short time. For getting experience attend some workshops on net. And use your references. Try try again till u succeed. My all best wishes with u.


I am newcomer in Canada. I have so many things which is new for me. I have so many problems there.
I have three year(s) experience in (the) teaching field in Pakistan but here they say that according to your degree M.ED u have to study here for more than four year(s) . The Same situation is with beautition . I have PAKISTANI licence but here I have to get Canadian licence. What I do and what is good for me study or licence?
Nice (date?)

Dear Abby, this is my first year in Canada…. I have never been here during the winter so I don’t know what I am going to need to be prepared for the long winter. Could you help me with ideas or advices to know what to do?

Wild how are you? The winter time is not a good season for me, but the first advice to you it is to get a warm coat with at least 60% down and 40% feather. It will be very nice and confortable to wear outside. Don`t forget to buy a warm boot , if not, you will get a freeze feet and I don`t wanna see the end of this history.
You can go out for skating in Toronto City close by CN Tower, and also to listen a nice music. I suggest to go with friends, it will be fun and relaxing. Well, have a nice and long winter season.=) Sincere12

Hi Wild… From my first winter, I can give you following advices:
You should always wear a pair of gloves and hats to protect your ears. They are very sensitive to cold.
You shouldn’t leave home with your hair wet.
You ought to try waterproof boots during snow days.

Hi Wild,

You may wear thick winter jacket with head cover-up, wear many levels of wool shirts to cover you
It is better to buy long boot with inner wool layer to protect your leg, leather glove to cover your little fingers
You need to buy wool scarf to cover your neck
You have to do a flu injection vaccine
You have to change your winter [[#|tires]] for your car
I would recommend you could attend a Winter Course arranged by Centre for Education & Training next to your LINC class
It will be a fun and exciting experience for you as I am also exploring the 1st winter in Canada


Dear Abby,
I never know what to say to teenagers. They are so stubborn and self confident. They never listen to us and sometimes they drive the parents crazy. What could I do about it?
15/11/2012 – Sincere12

Hi. This is a difficult topic. My advice is you should try to be more like "a friend" instead of like "a parent". They will tell you everything if you don’t scold them. You ought to try new ways to give them some advices. Then, you will party with them (you should learn how to dance gangnam style :-D )
Curious Nov 15th

Dear Abby,
Hi, I am new in Canada and I came from a country where the weather is so different. Right now, we are entering in winter season. I don’t have any problem with cold or snow, but I really hate electrical shocks every time I grab metals, doors, etc. I know they happen because weather is too dry, but I really want to avoid them. Any advice?
Curious, Nov 15th 2012

Dear Curious,
You should walk with out shoes in floor more than 30 minute in today because electric static in your body it don't leek to (the) earth and (you) should not dress (in) wool ...this is my advice

Happy, Nov. 16, 2012