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Here are the latest movies that I've watched as recommended by my children:

Sam (aged 14) recommended 'The Three Idiots'. I wouldn't normally have picked up a movie with a title like that ... but I was glad I did. I quit enjoyed this long movie and I recommend it to others. As a parent and as a teacher, as a friend, I found a lot of laughs in this movie.

Kate (aged 12) recommended the "Harry Potter" series and also the "Pirates of the Carribean" staring Johnny Depp.
This is about all the action and horror I can take ... otherwise light entertainment and fun special effects.

Ethan (aged 9) recommended "Kung Fu Panda" ... kind of a funny cartoon ... I can totally relate to that 'old enemy' of Po. I also love the adoptive father of Po and the way they show their love to each other through 'noodles'.

- Keen, September 7, 2011

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