Who ? What ? Where ? When ? Why ? How ?

Questions to ask a stranger to start a conversation ...
Questions to ask a classmate to start a debate ...

How do I make small talk ?
How do I stretch the conversation ?

How do I start ?

Add your questions as a conversation starter with a total stranger here below:

- Keen, 12/04/12

What's your hobby ?
What do you like to do ?
What's your passion ?
If you had a million dollars, what would you do ?

What's the favourite part of your job ?
What's the worst part of your job ?
What was your first job ?
What was your best job ?
What was your worst job ?

What was your favourite toy as a child ? ... as an adult ? (but watch out with this question ... )
What was your greatest physical challenge in life ?
Who has been kindest to you ?
What is your earliest memory ?
What is the most beautiful place in the world ?

If you find a genius, and offer you three wishes, what do you wish?
... ?

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