Check out the following interesting links.
Comment on how useful the link is and add your own.

Ludi Magistar > Latin for "Game Master" > or Teacher

A good website review by Todd Vercoe of many on-line game pages to learn English.

Here is a good website for lower level students

Janis ESL

Fran Marshalls ESL resources/books

Bargain Computers
You really need a computer for this class, and for life in the 21st century.
Check this website out for `quality renewed computers for an affordable fee` for low-income individuals and their families. Apply on-line.
(approximately and subject to change)
$60. for desk top
$150. for laptop

945 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga, ON L5T 1P9

Info. on Coop Programs
Brian J. Fleming Catholic Adult Learning
870 Queen St. W. 647-979-8700

Computer Curriculum worksheets

Here are some useful links to practice your English

Vocabulary for beginners:

Interactive Games for beginners/intermediate:

Reading (all levels):

Quizes (intermediate)

From Daring 7/14/16

Free Grammar Games

- Kinetic 6/8/16

- Kinetic 6//8/16

Unstoppable Me

Open your eyes and find mentors to guide you in every aspect of your new life in Canada.

Video Dictionary
For you visual learners, a fun way to learn new words.

Bargain Computers
You really need a computer for this class, and for life in the 21st century.
Check this website out for `quality renewed computers for an affordable fee` for low-income individuals and their families. Apply on-line.
(approximately and subject to change)
$60. for desk top
$150. for laptop

945 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga, ON L5T 1P9

Useful websites for students to study independently

Also, here is a quick 3 minute video (and others) to get you motivated and productive in your what ever you want to accomplish ... like ... learn English !

Check out the video "What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg" and paste the link and your comments here.

It is a good one. It is motivating and I like it.
Feb. 27, 2013

National Film Board of Canada - Short films made in Canada

Summer Legend

Legend of Flying Canoe

Study Guides for Teachers:

Discover Canada Audio Book Guide:
I like this link because we can improve our listing skills by hearing the news. We get a lot of information about the Canada or all around. This link talked about hot issues. That’s way we can’t loss our focus or concentration. So we can learn new vocabulary and good accent by listing the news with native speakers.
I like this link a lot because it gives tips that how we can improve our listening. They said that if we want to watch English movie, first watch in your own native language .after knowing the story. Then watch with English subtitle, after this without subtitle. But it took a lot time so its belter to watch TV takes twenty minutes. And listing music is good but in music they don’t care about grammar. It’s good for if we want to be good in grammar don’t listen or concentrate on music
Nice nazia

Verb tense description and practice;

keen, 120308

CBC Resource:

Great listening exercises followed by vocabulary, comprehension questions, etc.

Go to
For word of the day, the pronunciation, and definition.
- Hilarious, 24 October 2011

I have a screensaver that does this too.
- Keen 24 October 2011

Hi every one,
This is the useful link and it also the benefit for all the new comer which one of you should know. Please visit and check it out for your free education.
Young Yen
oct 19/2011

Check this out:

Tell me if this is a useful site for learning how to pronounce English words.

Thank you very much for the useful site. I found it also has translation of many languages and when I clicked " define your entry HERE ", there was a page of dictionary showing the meanings and usage examples of the words. It's really convenient for learning English.
-Happy Jun 22 2011
Active Listening
The first two are videos of "Active Listening" by Liz Halley

-Happy 25 Aug 2011
Language Resources
There are many good websites for learning English as a Second Language. Try the following websites to practise vocabulary, grammar, and reading. Also try a puzzle, game or quiz.

I) General:

Dave`s ESL Cafe
Hundreds of ESL activities

*In the left part of the home page, there is Stuff For Students, where we can learn grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, slang, and challenge quizzes.

Many Things
Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles

*In this website we can learn vocabulary, speaking, grammar&vocabulary quizzes, listening&reading, writing, and even singing.
In the listening&reading session, we can listen to news reports, stories and addresses by President Obama repeated automatically, and we can repeat to learn the intonation, rhythm patterns and pronunciation.

Language and Literacy
Links to dozens of ESL
activities and websites

International EFL Cafe
Vocabulary, writing, reading, speaking, listening

Mavis Harper`s ESL Website
ESL activities aligned to Canadian Language Benchmarks

English Student Resources
Hundreds of ESL activities for all levels

5 Minute English
Free Short Self-Study English Lessons and Quick Tips

One-stop resources site for learning English

English Learner
Interactive tests and exercises

English To Go
Instant lessons based on news stories

Volterre Web Links
ESL with a European flavor

Net Grammar
Grammar activities at various levels

English Language Study Zone
Grammar and interactive practise exercises

Learning English with the BBC
Listening, music, reading, grammar and more

E.S.L. Activities for Students
Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles

ESL Independent Study Lab
Links to over 250 ESL Websites

Aardvark`s English Forum
Interactive exercises, teaching and learning links

English Club
Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation activities

II) Listening Websites
These websites are helpful for practising English listening and pronunciation.

III) Reading Websites
These reading websites have English reading activities, which are based on current events and news from Canada and around the world.

1) Note-Taking Formats
The Cornell Method example

Note-taking formats
Advantages and disavantages

Hello All!
I just heard about something that is really wonderful: a project translating all written material on the internet into all (yes, did mean to say ALL!) languages . . . and it also might be a valuable free resource for learners wishing to study a foreign language too!
Here is a video on YouTube explaining how it works!
An if you would like to hear more from the person heading up this incredibly beautiful project, Luis von Ahn, here is his presentation on Massive-scale online collaboration (the DuoLingo idea is just one example of this concept).
As multi-linguists, Learners, tell me what you think of this kind of global project. Does it give you any ideas ?Also, have you heard of micro-volunteering ? If you google it, perhaps you can tell us more about it ?
- Keen, Dec 11, 2011